Bridging Two Worlds Through Music

From France to Kingston: A Cultural Odyssey

Charly B, known as The Real Jama-French, is a captivating presence in both French and Jamaican music scenes. With over a decade of acclaim in Jamaica, he has built a thriving international career. Unlike many French artists who wait years before venturing into music, Charly B immersed himself in Jamaican culture at a young age. At just 15, Charly B seized the opportunity of a school exchange program with France to relocate to St Mary, Jamaica. There, he fully immersed himself in reggae culture and mastered the Jamaican Patois. This linguistic prowess empowered him to craft his lyrics and debut his tracks.

Authenticity Knows No Borders

Despite his European origins and slender frame, Charly B made an indelible cultural imprint in Jamaica. He was swiftly associated with esteemed European artists like Gentleman and Alborosie, earning respect on the island. Authenticity transcending borders was Charly B’s ultimate aspiration. Born in Italy to parents of French, German, and Armenian descent, and having studied music in Canada, he regards himself as Jamaican at heart. In 2009, he won the Reggae Europe contest, marking a significant milestone in his career. Following his success in Europe, he began working with Geejam Studios in Portland, Jamaica. In June 2013, he achieved further recognition, winning the Price of the Public and the Best Author-Composer Prize at the Zicmeup Competition in Paris, organized by “The Voice.”

“Prophecies Untold: A Tribute to Jamaica”

In 2015, working with TMMG, Charly B refined his artistic identity, culminating in the release of “Prophecies Untold” (“Black Green and Gold”), a heartfelt homage to Jamaica. This track, rooted in a classic riddim, swiftly ascended the music charts. Charly B embarked on an extensive tour, performing at prestigious events like Rebel Salute, the Bob Marley Anniversary, and The Marcus Garvey Celebration, garnering widespread appeal, especially among younger audiences during a School Tour organized by I-Octane. Charly B’s media presence flourished in Jamaica, marked by frequent appearances on TV and radio shows, and his acclaim skyrocketed within weeks. Following a string of triumphant singles and collaborations, Charly B joined forces with TMMG to craft the album “Journey of Life” (2017), comprising 14 tracks and four music videos shot across Jamaica, achieving global recognition.

“Musical Fusion: ‘Multiplicity’ and Beyond”

In 2020, Charly B introduced “Multiplicity,” a testament to his versatility and wide-ranging musical influences. This album delved into various musical styles, encompassing roots reggae, dancehall, hip-hop, electro, and unique fusions like “Gipsy,” produced by Geejam Studios, blending dancehall with flamenco influences. “Multiplicity” featured collaborations with esteemed artists such as Naâman, Jahneration, Pressure Busspipe, and Afu-Ra, resulting in a 15-track album accompanied by four music videos shot in diverse locations, including Jamaica’s Trident Castle, Czech Republic, Tenerife, and France.

Continuing the Musical Odyssey in 2024

In 2023, Charly B joins Dance Soldiah Records team and continues his artistic journey, collaborating with Jamaican artist SumeRR on a dynamic Reggae Hip Hop track produced by French producers Dance Soldiah Records. The song, titled “Chill Out,” conveys messages of humility, unity, self-confidence, and hard work. Its black and white music video, shot in Paris, adds another layer to Charly B’s diverse and rich musical odyssey.