The soundwaves just experienced a much-needed re-up with the entrée of border hopping, Reggae/Dancehall musicologist Charly B.  The French, German, Armenian flexes a rootsy mix of Jamaican patois stylus with complex French rap choruses and big-minded beats.  His inspiration is as far-reaching as it is specific.  Citing everything from classical composers to Jamaican heavyweights such as Anthony B, Capleton and Bounty Killa, Charly B borrows from the greats while inventing his own lyrically muscular stew.  His musical studies in Canada, travels to Jamaica, and time spent living in France form the cultural triumvirate from which Charly B draws his artistic vision.  He has performed alongside the dancehall legends Capleton, Kiprich, DeMarco and Anthony B. Charly B is nothing if not a purveyor and mouthpiece of a uniquely fortified style.  Not only is he a rated and recognized artist, he’s a slave to his muse, to a lifeblood passion that sees him forging a brave new sound.