The French, German, Armenian flexes a mix of fast Jamaican patois with singing choruses and big-minded beats. His inspiration is as far-reaching as it is specific. Citing everything from classical composers to Jamaican heavyweights, Charly B borrows from the greats while inventing his own lyrically muscular stew. He is nothing if not a purveyor and mouthpiece of a uniquely fortified style. Not only is he a rated and recognized artist, he’s a slave to his muse, to a lifeblood passion that sees him forging a brave new sound. His song “Prophecies Untold” is now considered as a national anthem in Jamaica and played on a regular basis, which is historical and very rare for a European who ‘culture-shocks’ every community with his sound.


Album  JOURNEY OF LIFE  [2017]  Stream | Download


Album  MULTIPLICITY  [2021]  Stream | Download



Love Instead (Kensei Riddim)
(Dance Soldiah Records / Digital Cut Production)
Stream | Download | Clip
Double one-riddim album : ICI

Broken Pieces
Stream / Download
“She played me from the start, the girl she break my heart” 
Produced by : Official Staff

Gipsy Feat. Nordia Witter
Clip | Stream / Download
Interview Gipsy par Lagrosseradio
Produced by Jon Baker / Geejam Studios (Portland, Jamaica)
Special Video made at the TRIDENT CASTLE
Dancers : D-Squad crew, Kimiko Miller and her crew.
Crédit Artwork : Klaus W. Wolf
ISRC Audiogramme : FR-9W1-21-17038
ISRC Vidéogramme : FR-1A9-21-01649

Disco Light
Clip / Stream / Download
Production : P.I.L.O (Maciej Pilarz)

System Feat. Jahneration
Disponible depuis le 23.10.2020
Lyric vidéo / i-Tunes

Artistes :  Charly B feat Jahneration
Production : P.I.L.O (Maciej Pilarz)
Mastered at : Studio As One (Poland)

Guide My Step Feat. Pressure Busspipe
Disponible depuis le 21.08.2020
Lyric vidéo / i-Tunes

Artistes :  Charly B feat Pressure Busspipe
Production : P.I.L.O (Maciej Pilarz)
Mastered at : Studio As One (Poland)
Special Thanks to Dance Soldiah Records who made this project possible.

Dans La Ville Feat. Daddy Mory
Disponible depuis le 19.06.2020
Clip / Stream / Download

Artistes :  Charly B feat Daddy Mory
Production : 149 records / AÏno Beatz
Lyrics by Charly B and Daddy Mory.
(Charles Blanvillain & Mory Samaké)


Charly B in Studio Jamaica #1Charly B in studio Jamaica #2


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